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An after-school program for performing artists

Stagemakers provides opportunities to explore new creative outlets in the realms of acting, dance, music, and crafting for the stage.

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Our programs focus on quality instruction and innovation in the performing arts.


Ages 4 & 5

At age 4, children are becoming more adept at using their bodies for focused movement. Our preschool combination class encourages young children to learn the foundational skills of dance through the use of proper vocabulary and technique, as well as creative movement and games. Body and spatial awareness, along with rhythm exploration are major themes in our curriculum. This class culminates with a performance opportunity during our annual Spring Showcase.

Young Ballet Class
Young Dancers in Ballet Class


Ages 6+

Around the age of 6, students are ready to take on the technical demands of Classical Ballet. Our pre-professional ballet program is designed to help students build a strong foundation that will carry them far into the future. Our curriculum is primarily based on the Cecchetti Method. We recommend that all ballet students take at least two classes a week for the maximum benefit. 

Dancers who are serious about their ballet training are considered for Pointe and Pas de Deux around age 12.


Ages 6+

Tap is a fun way for dancers to develop musicality and precision. Our beginning tap program focuses on rhythm, dexterity of the feet, and stage presence. As students progress, they learn classic tap steps and work on their spatial awareness through the use of complex formations and kicklines. The tap curriculum is based on the Broadway & Hollywood styles that have defined stage and screen dance performances since the 1930s. 

Dancers who are serious about their tap training are considered for heeled tap shoes around age 12. 

Tap Dance Class
Childrens Show


Ages 9+

Once a dancer has a solid background in Classical Ballet and Tap, they are ready to explore the gifts Musical Theater has to offer. Musical theater is a combination of ballet, tap, and jazz, as well as the added challenge of singing and acting while dancing. The multi-tasking that Musical Theater requires is excellent for building up both left-brain and right-brain functions in the emerging child. There is also a crafting element to this class, where students are exposed to set design, costume design, and backstage operations.


Ages 10+

Our jazz curriculum is perfect for students ages 10+ who want to explore another genre of dance in addition to their ballet training. Jazz has its roots in African tribal dance, which requires the ability to move quickly to complex rhythms with steady balance. We primarily use a combination of Fosse and Luigi-style jazz techniques in our classes and present a wide variety of jumps, turns, and progressions to our students.

Zumba Class
Dance Performance


Ages 12+

Dancers who have had extensive training in Classical Ballet are considered for our Modern Dance program. If a student wishes to pursue dance beyond high school, they will need classes in Modern Technique and Composition, as it is the fastest-growing genre in the dance industry today. Our curriculum is based on collegiate dance department standards, Merce Cunningham Technique, Lester Horton Technique, and Martha Graham Technique.

Included in our Modern Dance program is Dance Education, where we explore topics such as nutrition, injury prevention, professional practices, history of dance, and audition techniques. 


Ages 18+

Adults ages 18 and up are invited to join us for Hypnotic Heels. Learn simple, sassy footwork, create an on-stage persona, and craft showstopping costumes & props. Performance opportunities are available. Heels are optional.

brown high heels
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