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The Contract


We will observe the following holidays: 

Halloween (October 31)

Thanksgiving (Wed, Thu, Sat)

Winter Break (weeks of and after Christmas)

Spring Break (week of Easter)

We do NOT close for Teacher Workdays or other Federal Holidays.  

Our studio recognizes that a strong foundation in Classical Ballet is the key to success in other forms of concert dance. We encourage all of our students to enroll in at least two ballet classes per week, in addition to other forms of dance they may be interested in taking. Each genre of dance has unique benefits for the emerging performer but Ballet is the glue that holds it all together. 

Dance, like any art form, requires a certain level of dedication to achieve a polished result. Practice, stretching, and conditioning outside of class are imperative for any student who wishes to go far in their dance career. Our curriculum places a heavy emphasis on developing proper technique rather than just learning a dance for performance. For this reason, we do not attend dance competitions but there are extra opportunities for performances presented throughout the year for our seasoned students. 

We require our students to abide by a strict dress code for class. Female students should wear a black leotard, pink tights, appropriate footwear for their genre of dance, and their hair pulled back into a neat bun. Male students wear black dance tights, a fitted white shirt, and appropriate footwear for their genre of dance. Male students with long hair should secure their hair away from the face and neck. The instructor will specify shoe colors. Musical theater students may wear a tap skirt over their leotard. 

Please be sure that your child is on time and present for every class. Excessive absences or tardiness may result in their expulsion from our studio, as it results in the entire class falling behind. If your child absolutely must miss class, please let us know in advance of the absence so we can plan accordingly. 

We do not allow parents, friends, or siblings to watch regularly scheduled classes. There will be a special Observation Day for your child's class in May, nearer to our Spring Showcase. Please make every effort to attend, as this kind of small audience in class prepares them for a larger audience at their performance. 

Behavioral issues will not be tolerated in our studio. Disruptions destroy a positive learning environment for the whole class. Parents will be notified promptly to remove their child from class if continuous problems arise. The easiest way to ensure the best behavior from your dancer in class is to feed them a healthy snack prior to their arrival, provide them with water for the duration of their class, and most importantly, make sure they really want to take dance lessons in the first place. While we do our best to schedule classes in a way that eliminates down time, please make sure your dancer knows how to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner while waiting for class to begin or to be picked up after class ends. Also, we do not interfere with "dressing room drama." Any disagreement that occurs outside of class between two or more dancers is not our business. 

No food, candy, gum, or drinks besides water will be allowed into the studio space. Dancers who consume food in the break room MUST clean up after themselves. 

We are only responsible for dancers during their class time. Please arrive on time to pick them up after class. We ask that all dancers wait for their parents in the lobby or break room. If someone other than their legal guardian will be picking them up, please let us know in advance. 

If schools are closed for bad weather, we will likely close for bad weather. Check our Facebook page for updates. 

Information regarding the Spring Showcase will be given in December. Tentatively, our performance is scheduled for the third Saturday in May. 

In regards to COVID, we follow CDC guidelines. If your dancer has been exposed to a Covid-positive person, please send them to class with a mask until they receive a negative test result. If your dancer tests positive for Covid, please let us know right away so we can alert others who may be affected. Covid-positive dancers may not attend class for at least 5 days following their test result and must wear a mask for 5 days upon return. We will do our part by upholding daily cleanliness standards and providing sanitizer. 

Class promotions are determined by the instructor. We do not base level placement or casting decisions on age but rather on experience and ability. 

Each student must have a signed contract, liability waiver, and social media release on file in order to participate. We will not allow a dancer to take class until we have this important paperwork in our possession. These forms will be made available through email once your child is enrolled and the first month's tuition is paid. 

Policies & Procedures: Admissions
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